What is CoPiino?

CoPiino is a Raspberry Pi HAT that stacks perfectly on Raspberry Pi Models A/B/B+/2 and is equiped with an AVR microcontroller which behaves like Arduino.

CoPiino is designed to cooperate with Raspberry Pi and interfaces to your Arduino shields. This symbiosis combines the connectivity of the Pi and the realtime performance of the CoProcessor.


Technical Details

AVR ATmega @ 16MHz, 128kb flash, 16kb ram, 4k eeprom

Standard Arduino functions (GPIO, PWM, I2C, SPI, RS232)

Power supply 5VDC / 1Amp for CoPiino and Raspberry Pi

All Pin headers compatible to Arduino UNO

Programming Compatibility

ISP Flash programming through Raspberry Pi via free Web IDE

Direct connection to Raspberry Pi (SPI, RS232)

Latest News

CoPiino Board Available in our Shop

Sample Projects

rover balancing robot humidity control station humidity control station